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As the most important LED chip substrate, sapphire has now occupied more than 95% of the LED chip market.
With the rapid development and extension of the LED industry chain in China, the international industry chain is rapidly shifting to the mainland of China.
Undoubtedly, Chinese has rapidly developed into an important global LED epitaxial chip industry base, including from substrate materials, epitaxial growth, chip manufacturing, packaging, terminal display device, lighting lamps to the application of a complete industrial chain, and the formation of LED industrial cluster in Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region.
As the most important LED chip substrate, sapphire has now occupied more than 95% of the LED chip market. Meanwhile, the supply and demand relationship of LED chip changed in 2016, resulting in the stable price of LED chip industry. The output value of China LED chip maintained a rapid growth. The rebound of LED chip also led to the rebound of China's LED sapphire and substrate industry.
According to data from LED Research Institute (GGII), LED sapphire substrate is the most important raw material in LED chip. In 2017, the output value of China's LED sapphire substrate reached 2 billion 50 million yuan, up 6.4% over the same period last year. GGII expects China's LED sapphire substrate to reach 2 billion 150 million yuan in 2018, up 4.8% from the same year.
As everyone knows, LED sapphire substrate industry for the upstream raw materials and processing materials demand less, belongs to the technology and capital intensive industry, so the relative downstream links in the LED industry Chinese relatively concentrated industry distribution, upstream of the sapphire substrate project investment scope of areas scattered.
With the strong trend of the strong LED chip industry, some famous factories in China and abroad have begun to lay out the sapphire substrate. High LED has summarized the R & D and layout of sapphire substrate in some enterprises since 2017.
Monocrystal pushes 350 kilogram Sapphire Crystals
In March 2017, the Russian sapphire substrate Monocrystal, the first 350 kilogram sapphire crystals formed in the world by KY, was introduced. The company hopes to improve the uniformity of crystals and increase the output of large sapphire crystal rods needed by LED industry, and expand to pay more attention to the optical applications of large sapphire substrates and sapphire materials.
450 kilogram sapphire crystals are born in China
In July 2017, crystal ring Electronic Materials Co., the company successfully developed a 300 kilogram level high quality large size kyropoulos sapphire crystal, this is a breakthrough for China's growth in the field of sapphire crystal.
In February 2018, the world's highest weight, largest monomer sapphire crystal was born in the production workshop of crystalline ring electronics. The weight level of 450 kilograms will be increased by 100 kilograms before Russia's 350 kilogram world record.
The achievement of crystal ring electronic research and development team once again proved that "the enterprise is the main body of technological innovation". The birth of this new core technology also made the status and international competitiveness of China's artificial gem industry quietly changed.
Hucan create the largest sapphire base film industry in the world
In August 2017, Hongta Huacan Lanjing photoelectric technology and Yuxi city government is a wholly owned subsidiary, add an annual output of 35 million pieces of LED substrate expansion project signed a framework agreement, the project is expected to total investment of 1 billion yuan. The completion of the project is expected to become one of the production technology of aquamarine sapphire substrate of the largest global capacity.
Not long ago, another investment resolution in hucan optoelectronic triggered a hot debate in the industry. In February 2018, huaxan photoelectric announced that it will invest 10 billion 800 million in the Yiwu information and high tech Industrial Park to build advanced semiconductor and device projects, including sapphire substrate projects.
Yun Feng Technology signed a contract sapphire crystal growth furnace
In August 2017, Yun Feng Technology (836709) signed a purchase agreement with sapphire furnace equipment Shandong Hengtong crystal materials co.. The total amount of the agreement is 33 million yuan, and the object of the agreement is the ISS series of sapphire crystal growth furnaces (including hot fields).
Of course, there are some in recent years continued layout of sapphire substrate, such as Reed, Bourne, Austria Sanan optoelectronics roshow etc..
However, it is worth noting that, due to the technical threshold is more and more high, the domestic production of sapphire enterprises are also facing reshuffle process of survival of the fittest, hundreds of companies before, now more than half has been discontinued or converted, which is the inevitable requirement of the market, more sophisticated technology is the result of students.
Under this background, engineering production and Research Institute of LED (GGII) combined with the actual investigation of the enterprise and the upstream LED sapphire substrate, the "investigation report" in 2017 China LED and sapphire substrate Industry Report on Chinese upstream of MOCVD, chip, sapphire, substrate, enterprises, industrial policy, investment risk and investment prospects other aspects of the detailed analysis and forecast. LED Research Institute (GGII) hopes to provide the most accurate and valuable reports for investors, insiders, securities companies and people who want to know LED sapphire and substrate industry through practical investigation and research.
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The data of this report is updated to December 2017
This report is based on Chinese mainland data, and the data in other parts of the world are involved in a small amount of data.
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