The world's largest artificial sapphire crystal is born in our country

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According to Science Daily, 13, learned from the Hohhot municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of Saihan, the world's largest 450 kg of large size and high quality sapphire crystal production workshop kyropoulos method is successfully developed in Inner Mongolia crystal ring Electronic Materials Co. ltd.. The crystal has been independently developed by the electronic research and development team of the crystalline ring. After nearly 8 months of design, development, equipment processing, calcination and long crystallization, it has been successfully tested in 13. After preliminary detection, the crystal weight is 445 kilograms, its shape is regular, transparent, no crack, no grain boundary and less bubbles. It can be applied to LED 4 inch crystal bar with effective length of 4550mm.
The production method of kyropoulos method is crystal international mainstream at present, the production process is also the world dedicated to research. In 2017, Russia's 350 kilograms of artificial sapphire was identified as the world's largest, a record that was broken by our country a year later.
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